Data-Efficient Vision Transformer Models for Robust Classification of Sugarcane




Artificial Intelligence, Deep-Learning, ViT, Plant diseases, Image processing


Sugar cane is an important agricultural product that provides 75% of the world's sugar production. As with all plant species, any disease affecting sugarcane can significantly impact yields and planning. Diagnosing diseases in sugarcane leaves using traditional methods is slow, inefficient, and often lacking in accuracy. This study presents a deep learning-based approach for accurate diagnosis of diseases in sugarcane leaves. Specifically, training and evaluation were conducted on the publicly available Sugarcane Leaf Dataset using leading ViT (Vision Transformer) architectures such as DeiT3-Small and DeiT-Tiny. This dataset includes 11 different disease classes and a total of 6748 images. Additionally, these models were compared with popular CNN models. The findings of the study show that there is no direct relationship between model complexity, depth, and accuracy for the 11-class sugarcane dataset. Among the 12 models tested, the DeiT3-Small model showed the highest performance with 93.79% accuracy, 91.27% precision, and 90.96% F1-score. These results highlight that rapid, accurate, and automatic disease diagnosis systems developed using deep learning techniques can significantly improve sugarcane disease management and contribute to increased yields.


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